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1/2 Cent USA (1776 - ) Copper
178 coins
1 Penny Australia (1788 - 1939) Bronze George V of the United Kingdom (1865-1936)
33 coins
Silver Dollars 1794-1935The silver dollar was authorized by Congress April 2, 1792. Weight and fineness were specified at 416 grains and 892.4 fine. The first issues appeared in 1794 and until 1804 all silver dollars had the value stamped on the edge: HUNDRED CENTS, ONE DOLLAR OR UNIT. After a ...
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Луи-Наполеон Бонапарт III (31 coins)   spa1   Наполеон III Бонапарт - Вторая Французская Империя

Seleukid Empire (312 ... (16 coins)   spa1   Seleucid dynasty founded by Seleucus I Nicator following the divi ...
1 Taler Habsburg Empire (1526-1804) Silver
2015-04-13  dpa1
3 Centesimo Kingdom of Italy (Napoleonic) (1805–1814) Copper Napoleon Bonaparte  (1769 - 1821)
2015-04-11  dpa1
In the Roman currency system, the denarius (plural: denarii) was a small silver coin first minted in 211 BC. It was the most common coin produced for circulation but was slowly debased until its replacement by the antoninianus. The word “denarius” is derived from the Latin d ...
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