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8 Real Cob,Spanish Colonies,Silver,

1 Drachm,Parthia,Silver,

1 Rupee,British India,Silver,1890,Victoria,
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8 Real Cob,Spanish Colonies,Silver,
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1754, Italian States, Lucca (Republic). Large Silver Scudo Coin. R! Mint Year: 1754 Denomination: Scudo Reference: Davenport 1376, CNI 827, KM-66. R! Condition: Light wear on high ...
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1 Scudo Italian city-stat ...
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Spanish cob coins (1572-1773) (19)
As additional silver deposits were discovered in the colonial territories there was a ...

Various Ducats (23)
The first issue of this coin is thought to have been under Roger II of Sicily, who, i ...

Soviet Expansion (1)
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