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1 Penny Ôstralie (1788 - 1939) Bronze George V (1865-1936)
33 monnaies
10 Kopeck Unione Sovietica (1922 - 1991) Cuivre/Nickel
36 monnaies
Here are my pick ups for the month. I got new gloves now, and will never take my coins out of flips again, I was horrified with my bad habits after I watched my vid...https://youtu.be/T-VJMvENXzQ
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2 kopeck Pavel1 (38 monnaies)   mike   a lot of variations for 2 Kopeck Pavel1 (issue year, mint)

Греция (34 monnaies)   spa1   Монеты Греции (древние и новые)
The antoninianus was a coin used during the Roman Empire thought to have been valued at 2 denarii. It was initially silver, but was slowly debased to bronze. The coin was introduced by Caracalla in early 215 and was a silver coin similar to the denarius except that it was slightly larger and fe ...

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