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8 Escudo Vicereame della Nuova Spagna (1519 - 1821) Oro Carlo IV di Spagna (1748-1819)
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1 Dollaro China Argento
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Silver Dollars 1794-1935The silver dollar was authorized by Congress April 2, 1792. Weight and fineness were specified at 416 grains and 892.4 fine. The first issues appeared in 1794 and until 1804 all silver dollars had the value stamped on the edge: HUNDRED CENTS, ONE DOLLAR OR UNIT. After a ...
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The Kreuzer, in English usually kreutzer, was a silver coin and unit of currency existing in the southern German states prior to the unification of Germany, and in Austria.Early historyIn 1559 a value of 60 Kreuzer to 1 gulden had been adopted throughout the Southern states of the Holy Roman Em ...
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