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Parthian Empire (247 ... (18 monete)   spa1   Parthian Empire were started by Andragoras, the governor of the S ...

Egypet from ancient ... (35 monete)   spa1   If you are going to collect coins related to Egypt your collectio ...
1 Grosh Confederazione Polacco-Lituana (1569-1795) Rame Stanislao II di Polonia (1732 - 1798)
2015-07-10  dpa1
1 Grosh Confederazione Polacco-Litu ...
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1 Rublo Impero russo (1720-1917) Argento Pietro II (1715-1730)
2015-07-10  dpa1
1 Rublo Impero russo (1720-1917) Ar ...
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The Peace Dollar is a silver United States dollar coin minted from 1921 to 1928, then again in 1934 and 1935. Early proposals for the coin called for a commemorative issue to coincide with the end of World War I, but the Peace Dollar was issued as a circulating coin. Designed by Anthony de Fran ...
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Urcaquary 1615, Besancon (Free City), Charles V of Spain. Silver Carolus Coin. F-VF Mint year: ...
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    3 Gulden Regno dei Paesi Bassi Argento
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CoinWorldTV 1793, Netherlands, Utrecht (City). Large Silver 3 Gulden (60 Stuiver) Coin. VF+ Mi ...
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CONSTANTINE II AE 3/4 Description: Date: C, 332 AD Rev: GLORIA EXERCITVS, two soldiers holding ...
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Urcaquary 1661, Besancon (City), Charles V. Scarce Silver Thaler (Ecu of 32 Gros) Coin. R! He ...
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The Roman follis was a large bronze coin introduced in about 294 with the coinage reform of Diocletian. It weighed about 10 grams and was about 4% silver, mostly as a thin layer on the surface. The word follis means bag (usually made of leat ...