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Date: 2015-06-29 2015-06-29

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Date: 2015-06-29 2015-06-29
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Копейки - старые и новые (57 münzen)   spa1   Красивые копейки разных времен - Древняя Русь, Российская Империя ...

Incredible India (48 münzen)   spa1   Indian history has deep roots. The earliest coins from native I ...
8 Real Zentralamerikanische Konföderation (1823 - 1838) / Guatemala Silber
2015-06-16  dpa1
8 Real Zentralamerikanische Konföde ...
9 münzen / 9 preise
20 Piastre Sultanat Ägypten (1914 - 1922) Silber
2015-06-24  dpa1
20 Piastre Sultanat Ägypten (1914 - ...
6 münzen / 5 preise
History of the nameIn the 1500s, Count Hieronymus Schlick of Bohemia began minting coins known as Joachimstaler (from German thal, or nowadays usually Tal, “valley”, cognate with “dale” in English), named for Joachimstal, the valley where the silver was m ...
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2015-06-28 - New coins
New coins from Den of Antiquity International.
One of them is
POSTUMUS AE ANT Description: Date: C, 268 AD Rev: PAX AVG, standing facing, head left, holding ...
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The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1386/1569-1795) , formally the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, was a dualistic state, a bi-confederation, of Poland and Lithuania ruled by a common monarch, who was both the king of Poland ...
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2015-06-26 - Live Coin Catalog's improvements / coins grouping

605 coins were grouped from 2015-06-12 to 2015-06-26
One of them is:

    1 Shilling Vereinigtes Königreich von Gr ...
Gruppe    10 münzen / 8 preise

GEORGE III, new coinage, shilling, 1818 (S.3790). Cleaned, extremely fine.