A few words about the project ...

The project has been created for collecting a complete database of all coins. Perhaps, it's a challenge for single person or organization but, I hope, it's real for all enthusiasts with computers and Internet access. Everyone can take part in the organization coins database structure - you can upload photos of coins and / or organize existing coins, post estimated prices and other data. There are a lot of coins photos without any description (nominal, country ...) - if you know anything about them - must write - at least a couple of lines (struck year, country, denomination, ...)
Coins collecting has some restrictions due to financial issue :) . Some coins had been issued just in few instance. Here you can create virtual coin collections. Your e-collections may contain any coins you like. Any restrictions. It's free and much more interesting.

A lot of people wrote us offer to buy / sell some coins. So, we have created the store builder and now you can create your online coins store in minutes and for free.
We are developing modules which are unique in the Web. Have a look at "Coins and Dynasty," "The coins and the Empire", "Map of treasures and hoards", games ...

If you have some ideas what could be done more - contact us, and other collectors will see your ideas soon.
We hope, you will find out something interesting for yourself here and, perhaps, leave something for other people :)

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With best regards,
CoinsHome.Net team