1 Corona Isola di Man Rame/Nichel Elisabetta II (1926-)

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Остров Мэн 1 крона (1976 г.) Медь-Никель 200-летие независимости США

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 FINLAND 2011 10 Euro Hella Wuolijoki Silver Crown Proof in Capsule

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France. Ecu d'or, ND. Fr-306. Charles VII, 1422-1461. Crowned arms of France. Reverse: Floriated cross in quadrilobe, crown in angels. NGC graded Extremely Fine, Details (Mount Removed). Estimat ...

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France. Ecu of 6 Livres, 1792-A. Dav-1335; KM-615.1. Louis XVI. Bust left. Reverse; Angel writing the Constitution. Slight softness in strike with a few reverse adjustment marks. Brilliant mint ...
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