25 Dollar Bahamas

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25 Dollar    (aboutDollar)

Bahamas, 25 Dollars, 1992 (Proof)


Crowned bust of Queen Elizabeth II right


Two flamingos facing each other in front of sunset

Reeded edge

7.8300g, .5000 Gold, .1258oz AGW, 26mm

Mintage: 750 pieces

KM 194

Note: This coin is a proof, but has been handled probably as a pocket piece, as there are "circulation marks" in the

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Info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/371450110030 2015-10-03
CoinWorldTV 1857, Australia, Sydney. Copper "Hanks & Company" Tea Mart Penny Token. VF+ Mint Date: 1857 Reference: KM-Tn81. R! Company: Hanks & Company Condition: A ...
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