1/24 Shekel Ancient Greece (1100BC-330) Silver

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1/24 Shekel
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Phoenicia-Tyre, AR 1/24th Shekel, c.410-390 BC

(No legend) Dolphin swimming right (No legend) Owl standing right, head facing, crook and flail over wing 8mm, 0.77g
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ZEUGITANIA, Punic Coinage, Carthage, (c.216-215 B.C.), billon tridrachm or one and a half shekel, (10.83 g), obv. small head of Tanit or Kore to left, ...

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Judea. The Jewish War. 66-70 CE. AE 1/4 Shekel (23 mm). Year 4 (69/70 CE). (Year four-quarter); Two lulav branches. Reverse (To the redemption of Zion); Etrog. TJC 213; Hendin 1368. Struck sligh ...

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ITALY, Lucania, Thurium (Thourioi), (350 -300 B.C.), silver nomos, stater or didrachm, (7.428 grams), obv. head of Athena to right wearing crested Athenian helmet, ornamented ...
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