1/12 Thaler Germany Silver

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1/12 Thaler    (aboutThaler)
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German States-Hesse-Cassel, Friedrich II, 1/12 Thaler (2 Groschen), 1768

160 STUCKEINE-MARK FEIN . Crowned lion standing left, head right, holding large shield with monogram set on ground FURSTI : HESS : LANDM: IUSTIRT Legend surrounding circle enclosing denomination and date Milled edge 22mm, 3.18g, Silver

Mintage: Unknown

KM 474.2
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Posted by: anonymous  2015-06-23
CoinWorldTV 1768, Hesse-Cassel, Frederick II. Silver 1/12 Thaler (2 Groschen) Coin. VF-XF! Mint Year: 1768 Condition: VF-XF! Denomination: 1/12 Thaler (2 Groschen) References: KM-474.2 ($45 in VF / $90 in XF!). Diameter: 23mm Material: Silver Weight: 3.16gm Obverse: Crowned rampart lion left, ...

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Posted by: anonymous  2014-09-02
GERMANY-HESSE CASSEL 1769 1/12 Thaler Silver VF-XF
Thaler   The Thaler (or Taler or Talir) was a silver coin used throughout Europe for almost four hundred years. Its name lives on in various currencies as the dollar or tolar. Etymologically, “Thaler” is an abbreviation of “Joachimsthaler”, a coin type from the city of Joachimsthal (Jáchymov) in Bohemia, where some of the first ...

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Info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/191301574222 Mon Sep 01 00:00:00 UTC 2014
GERMANY-HESSE CASSEL 1629 1/32 Thaler(Albus) Silver Fine

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DEUTSCHLAND Bundesrepublik Deutschland Fehlprägungen 1 Euro-Cent o. J. (2002-). Mehrfache Zweifachprägung. 2.29 g. Sehr selten. FDC.

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FRANKREICH Königreich 5. Republik, 1959-. 10 Euro-Cent 1999. Erstprägung mit feinem Riffelrand. Offiziell in der Münzstätte entwertet. 4.08 g. Sehr selten. FDC.
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