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1875, France (3rd Republic). Beautiful Gold 20 Francs Coin. (Cleaned AU!) 6.45gm!

Mint year: 1875 Mint Place: Paris (A) Denomination: 20 Francs References: Friedberg 533, KM-826. Condition: Cleaned (hairlines), numerous tiny contact-marks and light rusty deposits, otherwise AU! Material: Gold (.900) .1867 oz ASW Diameter: 21mm Weight: 6.47gm

Obverse: Standing winged genius inscribing table, which rests on a column. Fasces, topped by swearing hand to left, cock to right. Comment: Designer´s signature below (Dupré). Legend: REPUBLIC FRANCAISE Reverse: Value ("20 FRANCS") and date ("1875") within wreath. Mint initial (A) below, flanked by privy marks. Legend: LIBERTE EGALITÈ FRATERNITE (cornucopia) A (fasces)


The French Third Republic (French: La Troisième République, sometimes written as La IIIe République) was the republican government of France between the end of the Second French Empire (following the defeat of Louis-Napoléon in the Franco-Prussian war) in 1870 and the Vichy Regime after the invasion of France by the German Third Reich in 1940.

Adolphe Thiers, recognized as le Libérateur du Territoire and one who rallied himself to the Republic in the 1870s, called republicanism in the 1870s "the form of government that divides France least". The Third Republic endured seventy years, making it the longest lasting regime in France since the collapse of the Ancien Régime in the French Revolution of 1789.

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This coin has been sold for   $271.0

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 Denomination: 20 Franc
 Metal: Gold
 State: French Third Republic (1870-1940)
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