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1597, Saxony, Christian II. Certified Silver "3-Brothers" Thaler Coin. PCGS VF25!

Mint Year: 1597 Mint Place: Dresden Mint Master: Hans Biener (HB) Denomination: Silver Thaler / Reichsthaler Condition: Certified and graded by PCGS as VF-25! Reference: Davenport 9820, Schnee 754, KM-MB#314. R! Rulers: Christian II, with Johann Georg & Augustus, and Friedrich Wilhelm of Saxe-Altenburg as Regent. Diameter: 40mm Material: Silver Weight: 29gm

Obverse: The three brothers co-ruling brothers facing, date (15-97) and legend split by orb above. Legend: + CHRISTIAN . IOHAN : GEORG . ET . AVGVSTVS Reverse: Coat-of-arms of Saxony, topped by three tournament helmets of Saxony, Thuringia and Meissen. Comment: Mintmaster's initials HB (Hans Biener) in upper right field between helmets. Legend: FRAT : ET . DV CES . SAXON .

For your consideration a nice silver thaler of Saxony, issued under the regency of Frederick Wilhelm I., depicting the three brothers (Christian II, John George and Augustus) who were under his wardship until 1601. A very handsome type and a nice early-dated (pre 1600) thaler!

The Albertine line was founded by Albrecht the Courageous, who was a grandson of Friedrick, margrave of Meissen and Thuringia. Friedrick's gransdons Ernst and Albrecht divided the family property in 1495 ( into the Ernestine and Albertine lines) with Albert obtaining Meissn and Osterland, in what later became the kingdom of Saxony.

Christian II (b. Dresden, 23 September, 1583 - d. Dresden, 23 June, 1611) was a Elector of Saxony and member of the House of Wettin. He was the eldest son of Christian I of Saxony and Sophie of Brandenburg. Christian succeeded his father as Elector of Saxony in 1591, with only eight years. For this, his kinsman, the Duke Frederick Wilhelm I of Saxe-Weimar, assumed the regency of the Electorate until 1601, when Christian was declared an adult and began his government. In the course of the event that eventually led to the Thirty Years' War, his refusal to step the union of Abhausen deepened the division between the Protestant German states. In Dresden on 12 September 1602, Christian married with Hedwig, daughter of the King Frederick II of Denmark. This marriage was childless. Without direct heirs, on his death his brother Johann Georg succeeded him as Elector.

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