How to group coins

Grouping similar coins

The main aim of this project is to build free online catalog with coin's description and real prices.

Information does not sell or buy coins.

Ungrouped coins

Ungrouped coins are avaliable by link Coins Catalog -> Unstructured coins

Searching for existing groups

  1. Find any coin you know from list.

  2. Click on image to start

  3. Select coin
  4. If description cointains number from Krause catalog, site will try to find groups with such number.

  5. Find by KM
  6. If such coin already exists click on image and then click "Yes".

  7. Now coin has been assigned to existing group.

  8. Assign coin to group
  9. If there are no similar coins click on green button "Suggest".

  10. Find coins with suggest
  11. Site will try to find similar coins based on description (Hungary - 5 Pengo - Silver).

  12. Click on coin and click "Yes".

Creating a new coin group

If such coin does not exists in our catalog - click on "Create new coin group"

  1. New coin group will be created.

  2. Click edit tab - to update info.

  3. Click Preview and Save.

2020-11-26 - New coin is added to 4 Escudo Spanish Empire (1700 - 1808) Gold Charles III of Sp ...

    4 Escudo Spanish Empire (1700 - 1808) Gold Charles III of Sp ...
group has    24 coins / 18 prices

1781,Spanien. Carlos III. 1759-1788. 4 Escudos 1781 PJ, Madrid. Friedberg 284, Calicó/Trigo 217. GOLD. Vorzüglich - Stempelglanz.
2020-10-30 - Historical Coin Prices
20 Mark Kingdom of Württemberg (1806-1918) Gold Wi ...
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