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Old Ukrainian and Ru ... (46coins)   spa1   Old Ukrainian Russian tribes used Roman denarius and Byzantine mo ...

Roman Imperial Coins ... (15coins)   spa1   Philip's predecessor (Gordian III) died during the camping agains ...
5 Mark Grand Duchy of Baden (1806-1918) / German Empire (1871-1918) Silver Frederick I, Grand Duke of Baden (1826 - 1907)
2019-04-15  dpa1
5 Mark Grand Duchy of Baden (1806-1 ...
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2 Euro Andorra Nickel
2018-12-01  dpa1
2 Euro Andorra Nickel
A Cash (Chinese: wén) was a type of coin of China and East Asia from the 2nd Century BC until the AD 20th century.Traditionally, Chinese cash coins were cast in copper, brass or iron. In the mid 1800s, the coins were made of 3 parts copper and 2 parts lead. Cast silver coins were periodically p ...
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CoinWorldTV 1790, Great Britain, Scotland, Lothian, Edinburgh. Copper ½ Penny Token. D&H ...
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    50 Ore Sweden Silver Oscar II of Sweden ...
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