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COSTA RICA. 8 Reales, Authorized October 15, 1846.

KM-59; Gurdian-pg. 64 Type IX; Resellos de Costa Rica-pg. 27 Type 4. Type V countermark. On a 1753-J Guatemala "Pillar" cob 8 Reales. The type V countermark used both the obverse die of the Central American Republic (CAR - Costa Rica) 1846 1/2 Escudo and a small circular punch containing an "8" with a smaller "8R" over it. The Reverse die is the typical CAR Cieba tree design except the "2R" is quite a bit larger taking up most of the fields, the legend differs and only the Assayer's letter's are present. These countermarks were applied only to silver coins and are quite scarce on 8 and 4 Reales. Lightly gilt and cleaned with the host coin being holed as is typical of the type. Countermark VERY FINE, host coin
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