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1764, Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, Charles I. Silver 1/12 Thaler (2 Groschen) Coin.F+

Condition: F+ Mint Year: 1764 Reference: KM-970. Mint Place: Clausthal Denomination: 1/12 Thaler (2 Groschen)  Diameter: 22mm Material: Silver Weight: 3.1gm

Obverse: Rearing horse left. initials (I.D.B.) below. Legend: CAROLVS . D . G DVX . BR . ET LV Reverse: Large fractional thaler value numeral (*12*) above denomination (EINEN THALER) and date (*1764*). Legend: * CLX EINE FEINE MARK CONVENT . M .

Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (German: Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand; 9 October 1735 – 10 November 1806) was the Prince of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and a military leader. His titles are usually shortened to Duke of Brunswick in English-language sources.

He succeeded his father as sovereign prince of the Principality of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, one of the princely states of the Holy Roman Empire. The duke was a cultured and benevolent despot in the model of Frederick the Great, and was married to Princess Augusta, a sister of George III of Great Britain. He was also a recognized master of 18th century warfare, serving as a Field Marshal in the Prussian Army. During the Napoleonic Wars, he was mortally wounded by a musket ball at the Battle of Jena–Auerstedt in 1806.

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