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1887, Thailand, Rama V. Copper ½ Att + 2 Att (1/32 Baht = 1 Sio) Coins. (VF/VF+) 2pcs!

Mint Year: 1887 (CS1249) Reference: KM-21 / KM-19. Denomination: ½ Att / 2 Att (1/32 Baht = 1 Sio) Condition: Both cleaned and with edge-hits and circulation-marks, othewrise VF/VF+  Weight: 2.81gm / 11.14gm Diameter: 19mm / 30mm Material: Copper

Obverse: Crowned monogram of the King.

Reverse: Inscription within wreath.

Phra Bat Somdet Phra Poraminthra Maha Chulalongkorn Phra Chunla Chom Klao Chao Yu Hua, or Rama V (20 September 1853 – 23 October 1910) was the fifth monarch of Siam under the House of Chakri. He was known to the Siamese of his time as Phra Phuttha Chao Luang (The Royal Buddha). He is considered one of the greatest kings of Siam. His reign was characterized by the modernization of Siam, immense government and social reforms, and territorial cessions to the British Empire and French Indochina. As Siam was threatened by Western expansionism, Chulalongkorn, through his policies and acts, managed to save Siam from being colonized. All his reforms were dedicated to Siam's insurance of survival in the midst of Western colonialism, so that Chulalongkorn earned the epithet Phra Piya Maharat (The Great Beloved King).

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