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1575, Salzburg, Johann Jakob Khuen von Belasi. Silver Gulden Thaler Coin. RR!

Mint Year: 1575
Mint Place: Salzburg
Reference: Dav. 123, Zöttl 635. RR!
Condition: Light double-striking in obverse, otherwise XF!
Denomination: Guldan Thaler (60 Kreuzer) - also known as "Reichsguldiner"
Ruler (Prince-Bishop): Johann Jakob Khuen von Belasi (1560-1586) w. Titles of Emperor Maximilian II.
Weight: 24.47gm
Diameter: 38mm
Material: Silver

Obverse: Standing figure of Saint Rupert behind quartered shield with coat-of-arms. Initials (S-R) at sides. Rope-like border near rim.
Legend: IOA . IAC : D : G : AR : EPS : SALZ : AP : SE : L : 15 . 75 .

Crown above imperial double-headed eagle with cross-topped orb at chest containing value (60). Rope-like border near rim.
Legend: MAXIMILI : IMP : AVGVS : P : F : DEC :

St. Rupert was the first abbot of Salzburg, from 696 to his death in 718. He is variously considered to be Frankish or Irish, but developed a reputation for holiness while preaching in Worms. Theodo, Duke of Bavaria, sent a request to Rupert to come to Bavaria to instruct him in the faith. Rupert accepted, and baptized Theodo and his entire entourage in the town of Regensburg, where the Duke had traveled in his excitement to meet Rupert.

In the following years, under the patronage of Theodo and his son Theodobert, Rupert spread the Gospel message throughout Bavaria, and suceeded in converting or re-converting whole regions. Rupert asked Theodo for the right to build a church among the ruins of the ancient Roman town of Juvavia. This Theodo granted, and Rupert founded St. Peter's Church and Abbey and the Nonnburg convent, the oldest continuing monastery and convent in the German-speaking world. Around the Benedictine monks and nuns who accepted Rupert's call grew the town of Salzburg. To this day, September 24 is marked throughout Austria with a St. Rupert's Day country fair, Ruperti Kirtag.

The Archbishopric of Salzburg was an ecclesiastical state of the Holy Roman Empire, roughly consisting of the present-day state of Salzburg in Austria.

The diocese arose from St. Peter's Abbey, founded about 696 by St. Rupert at the former Roman city of Iuvavum (Salzburg). The last Archbishop with princely authority was Hieronymus von Colloredo, an early patron of Salzburg native Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Since 1648, the Archbishop of Salzburg has also borne the title Primas Germaniae ("First [Bishop] of Germania"). The powers of this title – now non-jurisdictional – are limited to being the Pope's first correspondent in the German-speaking world, but used to include the right to summon the Prince-electors. The Archbishop also has the title of legatus natus ("permanent legate") to the Pope, which, although not a cardinal, gives the Archbishop the privilege of wearing red vesture (which is much deeper than a cardinal's scarlet), even in Rome.

The Archbishopric grew to become one of the most important Catholic bastions in Europe. Possibly the most bigoted of all Catholic areas, it expelled the Jews around 1500 and the Protestants in 1731.

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