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I have the rupee coins with me but actually I don't know where I can sell them

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1825, India (British), Bengal Presidency. Rupee Coin

CoinWorldTV 1901, German East Africa (DOA). Colonial Silver Half Rupee (½ Rupie) Coin. VF+ Con ...

CoinWorldTV 1913, German East Africa (DOA). Nice Silver Quarter Rupee (1/4 Rupie) Coin. aXF! Mi ...

CoinWorldTV 1825, India (British), Bengal Presidency. Silver Rupee Coin. Cleaned XF! Region: ...

CoinWorldTV 1903, India (British), Edward VII. Silver 1/4 Rupee Coin. Cleaned & Toned XF/AU ...

CoinWorldTV 1898, German East Africa (DOA). Large Silver Rupee (Rupie) Coin. VF+ Mint Date: 18 ...

INDIA 1840 1/2 Rupee Silver XF

INDIA 1840(c) 1 Rupee Silver XF

INDIA 1885B 1 Rupee Silver VF

INDIA 1886B 1 Rupee Silver XF

INDIA 1892B 1 Rupee Silver Fine

INDIA 1900C 1 Rupee Silver XF-AU

INDIA 1901C 1 Rupee Silver XF

INDIA 1904(c) 1 Rupee Silver VF-XF