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1774, Austrian Netherlands, Maria Theresa. Silver Thaler (Kronentaler) Coin. VF-XF!

Mint Year: 1774
Mintage: 237,000 pcs.
Reference: Davenport 1282, KM-21.
Denomination: Crown Thaler (Kronentaler)
Mint Place: Brussels (privy mark: cupid's Face)
Condition: Light hairlines (probably cleaned once), otherwise VF-XF!
Weight: 29.13gm
Diameter: 40mm
Material: Silver

Obverse: Burgundian Cross (St.Andrew's Cross), four crowns in fields (Imperial above, royal at sides and duchy below).
Legend: MAR . THERESIA D:G . R . IMP . GERM . HUNG BOH . REG (cupid's face - mintmark of Brussels)

Reverse: Imperial crown above double headed austrian eagle with crowned double quatrifold coat of arms at chest.
Legend: ARCH . AUST . DUX . BURG . BRAB . COM . FLAND . I774

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Maria Theresa (German: Maria Theresia, see also names in other languages; May 13, 1717 - November 29, 1780) was the Archduchess regnant of Austria, Queen regnant of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia, and a Holy Roman Empress by marriage.

Maria Theresa helped initiate financial and educational reforms, promoted commerce and the development of agriculture, and reorganized the army, all of which strengthened Austria's resources. Continued conflict with the Kingdom of Prussia led to the Seven Years' War and later to the War of the Bavarian Succession. She became dowager empress after the death of her husband Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor and accession of her son Joseph as emperor in 1765.

Maria Theresa criticised many of Joseph's actions but agreed to the First Partition of Poland (1772). A key figure in the power politics of 18th century Europe, Maria Theresa brought unity to the Habsburg Monarchy and was considered one of its most capable rulers. Her 16 children also included Marie Antoinette, queen consort of France, and Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor.

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Gruppo Monete
 Denominazione: 1 Thaler
1 Krone
 Metallo: Argento
 Stato: Paesi Bassi austriaci (1713-1795)
 Persona: Maria Theresa of Austria (1717 - 1780)
 Codice sul catalogo:
Descrizione:   English
Variazioni delle monete: 40 pezzi
Prezzi: 39 pezzi
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