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1267, Slavonia/Croatia, Bela IV of Hungary. Silver Banovac Denar Coin. R2!

Mint Period: 1235-1270
Reference: Mimica 41. R2!
Mint Place: Zagreb (Croatia)
Denomination: Denar (Banovac)
Local Ruler: Banus Roland 1261-1267.
Condition: Struck on a slightly irregular planchet, otherwise VF+
Region: Slavonia (today´s Croatia)
King: Bela IV. of Hungary
Diameter: 15mm
Material: Silver
Weight: 0.89gm

Obverse: Marten running left between two six-pointed stars.

Patriarchal cross between two crowned heads, star left, pellet filled crescent right.
Comment: Privy makrs (h-R) topped by omega symbols in fields!

Slavonia (Croatian and Bosnian: Slavonija, Slavonija, Hungarian: Szlavonia, Latin: Sclavonia) is a geographical and historical region in eastern Croatia. It is a fertile agricultural and forested lowland bounded, in part, by the Drava river in the north, the Sava river in the south, and the Danube river in the east.

Authenticity Unconditionally guaranteed.

Bela IV (Hungarian: IV. Bela), (29 November 1206 - 3 May 1270), King of Hungary (1235-1270) and of Croatia (as part of the Hungarian Kingdom) (1235-1270), duke of Styria between 1254-1258. One of the most famous kings of Hungary, distinguished himself through his policy of strenghtening of the royal power following the example of his grand father Bela III, and by the rebuilding Hungary after the catastrophy of the Mongolian invasion in 1241. For this reason was called by the Hungarians "the second founder of our country".

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 Valeur: 1 Dinar
 Métal: Argent
 État: Croatie
 Personne: Béla IV de Hongrie (1206 - 1270)
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Prix: 20 pices
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