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50 Cent
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1902 -1910

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1910,KM-12A Country Canada Year 1910 Value 50 Cents Metal Silver (.9250) Weight 11.6638 g Diameter 29.72 mm Obverse Lettering: EDWARDVS VII DEI GRATIA REX IMPERATOR DES. Engraver: George William de Saulles George William de Saulles was a British medallist. He authored and designed the obverse of coins from the United Kingdom and its colonies under Queen Victoria and Edward VII of th ...


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1902-1910,Schön-13, KM-12 Country Canada Years 1902-1910 Value 50 Cents Metal Silver (.9250) Weight 11.62 g Diameter 29.72 mm Obverse The portrait in right profile of Edward VII is surrounded with the inscription "EDWARDVS VII DEI GRATIA REX IMPERATOR" (Edward VII, King and Emperor by the grac ...
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