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CoinWorldTV 1866, United States. Beautiful Copper-Nickel 3 Cents (Trime) Coin. Mint Year: 1866 Reference: KM-95. Designer: James B. Longacre Denomination: Nickel 3 Cents (Trime) Material: Copper-Nickel Diameter: 18mm Weight: 2.21gm Obverse: Coronet head of lady Liberty left. Legend: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / 1866 Reverse: Roman numeral (III) within wreath. The copper- ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2016-12-08
USA 3 Cents 1869. PROBE / PATTERN, in Nickel, glatter Rand. KM Pn721. Selten / Rare. PCGS PR62. Polierte Platte / Proof.
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1 Thaler Kingdom of Württemberg (1806-1918) Silver ...
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    .0009 Blackgani / 800 Afghani
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