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Spain, Charles III. Beautiful Spanish Gold 2 Escudos Coin. Denomination: 2 EscudosAssayers: Manuel de Lamas (M)Mint Mark: Madrid (crowned M)Reference: Friedberg 283, CT-459, KM-417.1a. Material: Gold (.875) - 0.1904 Oz. AGWDiameter: 23mm Weight: 6.75gmObverse: Draped profile bust of Charles II right.Legend: CAROLUS . III . D.G . HISP . ET IND . R . / * 1788 *Translation: "Charles III ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-03-02
Colombia. 2 Escudos, 1781-SF (Popayan). Fr-40; KM-49.2. Charles III. Older standard bust to right. Reverse: Large crowned Hapsburg arms, within chain of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Mint mark at lower left and assayers' initials at lower right, separated by fleece. Value 2- S at left and ri ...
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