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Guatemala. 20 Pesos, 1878 F. Fr-44; KM-199. 32.18 grams. Wreathed head of Liberty left, with flowing hair. Reverse: Quetzal atop scroll, crossed arms with wreath around. Excellent strike, with bright, lustrous fields. Little actual wear, but handling marks apparent on obverse. Rare two year issue. Especially rare in this state of preservation – one of the finest known. NGC graded MS-61. ...


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G WORLD COINS, CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA, GUATEMALA Republic, Gold 20-Pesos, 1878 F, laureate Liberty head left, with flowing hair, rev quetzal, scroll and weapons within wreath, 32.26g (F 44; KM 199). In PCGS holder graded AU55, a couple of red spots, extremely rare. £10,000-12,000
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CoinWorldTV 1665, Netherlands, Kampen (City). Large Silver 28 Stuivers (Florin) Coin. XF! Reference: KM-23. Mint year: Not dated (ca. 1665) Denomination: 28 Stuivers (Florin) Mint Pl ...
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ESTONIA 1939 1 Sent XF-AU - 1 mm Planchet
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