1 Ruble Russian Empire (1720-1917) Silver Alexander I of Russia ( ...

Russia. Ruble, 1804-СПБ ФГ. Bitkin 1st ed-33; Dav-279; KM-C125. Alexander I.

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Russland, Alexander I. Rubel 1803, St. Petersburg. Münzmeister Alexander Ivanov. Davenport 279, Bitkin 33. Schön - sehr schön

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Coinworldtv 1804, Russia, Emperor Alexander I. Large Silver Rouble Coin. G-VG! Mint Year: 1804 Denomination: Rouble Mint Place: St. Petersburg Ruler: Alexander I of Russia Mint Master: Fedor Gelman (ФГ, 1803-1817) Reference: Davenport 279, KM-125 ($120 in VG!). R! Condition: Dark ...

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Alexander I Rouble 1803, St. Petersburg Mint, AИ. 20.47 g. Bitkin 33. Severin 2534. 2,25 roubles acc. To Petrov. 2 roubles according to Trapeznikov. Error: die axis turned about 10 degrees. Old pencil marks. Fine-very fine. Рубль 1803, СПб МД, AИ. 20.47 г. Биткин 33. Северин 2534. 2,25 рубля по ...

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Russia RUSSIA/RUSSLAND/РОССИЯ Russia, Alexander. Rubel (Rouble) 1803, St. Petersburg Aw.: Dwugłowy orzeł rosyjski, nominał i data 1803Rw.: W wieńcu z liści laurowych i dębowych napis w pięciu wierszach.Zachowane bardzo dużo połysku menniczego. Bardzo ładny egzemplarz. Literatura/literature:Bitk ...

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MONETY ZAGRANICZNE - ROSJA / RUSSIA - Aleksander I 1801-1825. rubel 1803 СПБ АИ, Bankowski Monetnyj Dwor (Petersburg), Bitkin 33, Adrianov 1803а - GRADE: III-

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Russia, Alexander I, rouble, 1802, St. Petersburg, Alexander Ivannov, crowned double-headed eagle, rev. crowned inscription within wreath (KM.C125; Sev.2518), in plastic holder, graded by NGC as Mint State 65 A magnificent moderate toned gem uncirculated example and the finest this cataloguer h ...

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Russia. Peter I, 1682-1725. Novodel Ruble struck in Gold, 1705 (Moscow). Fr-76 (62); Sev-12; Bitkin-532; Diakov-page 87, part 1. 44.22 grams. Laureate, cuirassed youthful bust right. Reverse: Cr ...

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Ivan III, 1741 Poltina 1741 MMД. Bit 7 (R1), Diakov 2, Ilyin (40 Rubl.), Sev 1352 (R), Uzd 0765 (RR). Rare Moscow mint Poltina. Authenticated and graded by NGC VF 35. Good very fine

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Russia. Polupoltinnik (¼ Ruble), 1739. Bitkin 1st ed-79; KM-202. Anna. Scarce two year type. NGC graded Fine-15. Estimated Value $200 - 250. Categories: Balance of World Crowns and Minors
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