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20 Cent
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Canada-Newfoundland. 20 Cents, 1873. KM-4. Victoria
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SARAWAK, Rajah Charles J.Brooke, quarter cent - fifty cents, 1863 - 1927, missing one cent 1941H, fifty cents, 1900H and 1906H; quarter cent, 1863 (KM.1) ...

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ELIZABETH II, Royal Mint trial set of planchets, c1985, undated, ten cents, twenty cents, fifty cents, one dollar, two dollars and five dollars, the first ...

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1909-S Indian Cent. ANACS graded VF-20. Popular key date. Estimated Value $400 - 440. Categories: Flying Eagle Cents and Indian Head Cents
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5 Zloty Second Polish Republic (1918 - 1939) Silver
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1735,Italien-Vatikan. Clemente XII. 1730-1740. Giulio AN VI (1735/1736). Muntoni 106 a. Sehr schön
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