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Umberto I (1844-1900)             


CoinWorldTV 1900, Kingdom of Italy, Umberto I. Nice Silver 1 Lira Coin. Mint Year: 1900Reference: KM-24.1.Denomination: 1 LiraMint Place: Rome ®Material: Silver (.900)Diameter: 23mmWeight: 4.98gm Obverse: Bust of Umberto I right. Legend: UMBERTO I DE D`ITALIA 1900 Reverse: Crowned arms of the House of Savoy (Italian royalty), flanked by value. All within wreath. Legend: L-1 / R ...
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CoinWorldTV 1849, Venice (Provisional Government). Copper Centesimo + 5 Centesimi Coins. 2pcs! Mint Year: 1849 Mint place: Venice (V) Reference: KM-807 / KM-808. Denomination: 1 Ce ...
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