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1971, Canada. Silver “British Columbia Centennial” Dollar Coin. Specimen Strike! Mint Year: 1971 Reference: KM-80. Denomination: Dollar – Confederation Centennial Condition: Minor toning spots and tiny mint-made planchet imperfections in obverse fields, otehrwise a nice proof-like UNCiruclated! Material: Silver (.500) Weight: 23.33gm Diameter: 36mmElizabeth II (E ...
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Collections: Add to Basket Sold for: $1600.0
Info: Estimate $1,500 ...
ELIZABETH II, Royal Mint trial set of planchets, c1985, undated, ten cents, twenty cents, fifty cents, one dollar, two dollars and five dollars, the first ...

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Info: ...
G Australia, Elizabeth II, proof 25 dollars, 2005, 150th Anniversary of First Australian Sovereign (KM.868), about uncirculated

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Info: 2016-03-14
BAHAMAS 1971-1975 50 Cents-1 Dollar Silver Proof - 4 Coins

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