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Old Persian coins fr ... (29coins)   spa1   Sasanian (Sasanid) Empire was the Iranian empire succeeded the Pa ...

Incredible India (48coins)   spa1   Indian history has deep roots. The earliest coins from native I ...
1 Thaler Bremen (state) Silver
2017-04-20  dpa1
1 Thaler Bremen (state) Silver
1 Thaler States of Germany Silver
2017-05-30  spa1
1 Thaler States of Germany Silver
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The Rupee (abbreviated as ₨, Re., Rs. or रू.) was originally an Indian silver coin. Today, it is the name for the monetary unit of account in India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Nepal, Pakistan, Mauritius, and Seychelles. All these modern Rupee units descended from the original silver coin. In the Maldive ...
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CoinWorldTV 1899, Japan, Meiji Period. Beautiful Silver 50 Sen (½ Yen) Coin. XF-AU! Referen ...
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