1 Cent    (Verkauft für $4800.0)

1908-S. NGC graded MS-66 Red. Nice strike with relatively fresh color. Frosty Gem. Tied for finest at NGC. Satiny matte surfaces explode with intense luster and varying shades of coppery and golden red. The strike is strong, with clear definition to the high points barring only the topmost feather ends, which is the norm on 1908-S Indian Cents. First year that the San Francisco Mint was authorized to strike minor coinage. (Cents and nickels are referred to as "minor coins"; dimes, quarters and halves struck after 1853 are "subsidiary silver," meaning not Standard weight; while silver dollars from 1794 to 1935 are Standard Silver at the Congressionally authorized weight and fineness for "One Dollar or Unit." Sounds confusing, but much of monetary history is just that, confusing.) Pop 24; none finer at NGC. Estimated Value $4,500 - 5,000. Categories: Indian Head Cents
Diese Münze wurde verkauft für   $4800.0

Notes: http://www.goldbergcoins.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/37/lot/79495/ $4,500 - $5,000 2014-08-31

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Beigetragen von: anonymous
 Bezeichnung: 1 Cent
 Metall: Tin
 Staat: Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika (17 ...
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Münz-Variationen: 442 Stück
Preise: 438 Stück
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