32 Shilling 联邦州 (德国) 銀


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CoinWorldTV 1809, Hamburg (French Occupation). Silver 32 Schilling (2 Mark) Coin. XF- Struck during French occupation under Marshal Davout. Reference: KM-537. R! Mint Place: Hamburg (City) Denomination: 32 Schillings (2 Mark) Conditino: Mint-made weight-adjusting marks, lightly cleaned lon ...

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1809,GERMANY. Hamburg. 32 Schilling (2 Mark), 1809-CAIG. NGC MS-64.KM-537. Issued in 1815 by the French occupational forces serving under Marshall Davoux. Appealing multicolored toning with blue being prominent. Very sharp and crisp details.Pedigree: From the Rockaway Collection.

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Гамбург 32 шиллинга (1809 г.) Серебро Номер по Краузе КМ#242, 968-я проба, 14,17 г.

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Гамбург 32 шиллинга (1808 г.) Серебро Номер по Краузе КМ#238, 750-я проба, 18,32 г.

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GERMANY-OLDENBURG 1816-1869 1/2 Grote-1-3 Schwaren - 3 Coins

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CHARLES I, (1625-1649), Tower Mint, silver shilling, first bust, mint mark lis (S.2781); under Parliament, silver shilling, sixth bust, mint mark P in circle (S.2800). ...

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GEORGE I, silver shilling, 1720 plain (S.3646). Cleaned, otherwise extremely fine, with adjustment marks on reverse rim.
6 Kreuzer 联邦州 (德国) 銀
6 Kreuzer 联邦州 (德国) 銀
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    1 Crown 新西兰 銀 乔治六世 (1895-1952)
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1949, New Zealand, George VI. Beautiful Large Silver Crown Coin. AU-UNC! Mint Year: 1949 Reference: KM-22. Condition: AU-UNC! Mintage: 200,000 pcs. Denomination: Crown - Struck to com ...
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CoinWorldTV 1797, Austria, Emperor Francis II. Silver "Lower Austrian Mobilization" Militar ...