2 Louis d'or 中世纪的法国 金 路易十五 (1710 - 1774)

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France, Louis XV (1715-74), Caen, Louis d'or de Noailles, 12.17g, 1718 C, crowned bust left, rev. four crowned shields cruciform, 12.17g. (Ci.2075; Dr.505; Dup.1630; F.450), cleaned and once held in a mount, very fine

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France, Louis XV (1715-74), Paris, Louis d'or de Noailles, 12.19g, 1717 A, crowned head left, rev. four crowned shields, lis in angles (Dr.505; Dup.1630; F.450; KM.428.1), legend and edge weak between 10 and 12 o'clock, very fine

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1717,FRANCE. Louis d'Or de Noailles, 1717-A. Louis XV (1715-74). NGC MS-63.Fr-450; KM-428.1; Gad-344. Light planchet streaks. Fully lustrous and choice.

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France. 2 Louis d'or de Noailles, 1717-A (Paris). Fr-450; Gad-344; KM-428.1. Louis XV. Crowned young bust left. Reverse: Crowned arms of France and Navarre in cruciform with fleur-de-lis at angles. NGC graded MS-62. Estimated Value $6,000 - 7,000. Categories:

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France. 2 Louis d' or, 1717-A. Fr-450; KM-428.1; Cr-55.1. Louis XV. Crowned child bust left. Reverse:Cross of four shields with arms of France and Navarre, lis in angles. A few faint adjustment marks on both sides. Full original mint luster and well struck. Rare type and rare in grade. NGC grad ...
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FRANCE, Louis XII, ecu d'or 1629, Paris Mint (F.146; KM.41.1). Nearly very fine.

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FRANCE, Louis XVI, two louis d'or 1786D (Fr.219; KM.592.5). Extremely fine.

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France - Anglo-Gallic. 1 Salut d' Or, ND. Fr-301; Elias-270c. Henry VI, 1422-1453. Rouen mint. Mint mark, leopard. Two shields side by side, bearing the arms of France on the left and England on ...
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