2 Lira 意大利王國 (1861-1946) 銀 Vittorio Emanuele III (1869 - 1947)

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Vittorio Emanuele III (1869 - 1947)             
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CoinWorldTV 1912, Kingdom of Italy, Victor Emanuel III. Silver 2 Lire Coin. VF Condition: VF Mint Year: 1912 Mint Place: Rome Reference: KM-46. Denomination: 2 Lire Material: Silver (.835) Diameter: 27mm Weight: 9.98gm Obverse: Uniformed bust of Victor Emanuel III right. Legend: ...

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1911,ITALY. 2 Lire, 1911-R. NGC AU-58.KM-46; Gig-98; Mont-149. Very scarce date. Toned with subdued luster and colored hues.

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1908,ITALY. 2 Lire, 1908-R. NGC MS-63.KM-46; Mont-147; Gig-96. Bright and lustrous surfaces. Nice details.

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CoinWorldTV 1912, Italy, Victor Emmanuel III. Scarce Silver 2 Lire Coin. VF+ Mint Year: 1912 Mint Place: Rome Denomination: 2 Lire Condition: A nice VF+ Reference: KM-46 ($80 in VF / $200 in XF!). Material: Silver (.835) Diameter: 27.1mm Weight: 9.92gm Obverse: Uniformed bust o ...

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Италия 2 лиры (1915 г.) Серебро

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CoinWorldTV 1849, Venice (Provisional Government). Copper Centesimo + 5 Centesimi Coins. 2pcs! Mint Year: 1849 Mint place: Venice (V) Reference: KM-807 / KM-808. Denomination: 1 Ce ...
40 Lira Italian city-states 金
40 Lira Italian city-states 金
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