2 Anna 印度 / 不列颠东印度公司 銀 维多利亚 (英国君主)

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INDIA 1841(c) 2 Annas Silver XF

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CoinWorldTV 1841, India (British), East India Company, Queen Victoria. Silver 2 Annas Coin. XF-AU! Mint Date: 1841 Mint Place: Calcutta Reference: KM-460.2. Denomination: 2 Annas Material: Sterling Silver (.925) Condition: Minor deposits, otherwise XF-AU! Diameter: 15mm Weight: ...

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INDIA 1841C 2 Annas Silver AU-UNC

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Foreign Coins. India , East India Company, Victoria, 2 annas, 1841(c), bust l, raised W.W. on truncation, rev . value in wreath (KM.460.2), in plastic holder, graded by NGC as About Uncirculated 58 £30-50

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India, East India Company, Victoria, 2 annas, 1841(c), bare head l., raised W.W. on truncation, rev. value in wreath (KM.460.2), in plastic holder, graded by NGC as Mint State 63 £60-80

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Victoria, Silver Proof Restrike Mule 2-Annas 1841C, continuous legend, rev without dot (not listed in KM, see KM 459.2 for obverse and KM 460 (type) for reverse; SW -). In NGC holder graded PL64, rare, unlisted as a mule in the major sources. £400-500

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WORLD COINS, INDIA, British India, Silver Rupees (3), 1907B, 1908B, 1909, 2-Annas, 1906, Anna, ¼-Anna, 1/12-Anna, 1903; George V, Silver Rupees (3), 1919C (2), 1920C. Generally good very fine to ...

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† Coins of India. Princely States. Lunavada, Copper Paisas (2), with lion motif (KM 10); Raja Bharat Shah, Paisas (3), Makrai (KM 1); Mewar, new Bhilwari Paisa (KM C3.2), Swarupshahi Rupee, ½-Rup ...

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INDIAN REPUBLIC Silver Rupee, 1940; Silver ½-Rupee, 1943; Silver ¼-Rupee, 1910; Silver 2-Annas (3), 1875C, 1900B, 1906C. Extremely fine to uncirculated. (6) £60-80