25 Penny 芬兰大公国 (1809 - 1917) 銀 尼古拉二世 (俄罗斯) (1868-1918)

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25 Penny

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FINLAND 1865S 25 Pennia Silver F-VF

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FINLAND 1872S 25 Pennia Silver VF

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FINLAND 1917S 25 Pennia Silver Choice UNC

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1894,FINLAND. 25 Pennia, 1894-L. ANACS MS-62 DEEP CAMEO.KM-6.2; Sieg-32. Well struck with prooflike surfaces.

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发布人: anonymous  2015-05-01
1917,FINLAND. 25 Pennia, 1917-S. PCGS PROOF-62 Secure Holder.KM-6.2; Sieg-32. Crowned double eagle. Lustrous with mild peripheral toning.Pedigree: From the George Gund III Collection.

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1890,FINLAND. 25 Pennia, 1890-L. PCGS MS-64 Secure Holder.KM-6.2; Sieg-32. Sharply struck. Nice toning.PCGS#: 393761

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BRITISH COINS, MISCELLANEOUS, Medieval to Stuart Hammered Silver Coins (160), Edward I to Edward III, Pennies (9) two fragmented, Halfpennies (3), one fragmented, Farthings (2); Edward III, Halfg ...

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Info: http://www.noble.com.au/auctions/lot/?id=283053 Estimate $250 S ...
AETHELRED II, (978-1016), silver penny, Long Cross type, Leofstan M O Eofr (Leofstan of York) (S.1151). Peck marks, crinkled, otherwise very fine.

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Edward VII, Penny, 1903, head right, rev. Britannia seated right (S.3990), full lustre, bag marks, fingerprint, about uncirculated
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1763, Poland/Saxony, Frederick Christian. Large Silver Thaler Coin. NGC AU-58! He died of ...