20 Cent 美利堅合眾國 (1776 - ) 銀/銅

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20 Cent

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类别:放入购物车 (1205 X 600pixels, file size: ~179K)
发布人: anonymous  2015-03-06
1876 Twenty Cents. PCGS graded Proof 65. Gorgeous rainbow toning. Only 1,260 pieces struck. Fully in line with its illustrious Proof 65 "Gem" grade - an important and rare feature for this often hairlined issue -- the surfaces display dominant mirrors against which rise nice frosted devices. G ...

类别:放入购物车 (1205 X 600pixels, file size: ~171K)
发布人: anonymous  2015-03-06
1875-CC Twenty Cents. PCGS graded VF-20. Toned on both sides. Scarcer CC-mint issue (PCGS # 5297) . Estimated Value $500 - 550. Categories:

类别:放入购物车 (1205 X 600pixels, file size: ~171K)
发布人: anonymous  2015-03-05
1875 Twenty Cents. PCGS graded Proof 64 Cameo. CAC Approved. Very choice for the grade. A hint of light gold toning near the edges. Only 2,790 pieces struck. A lock-solid cameo-frosted Proof with strong primary luster and rich toned accents around the periphery on both sides. More than adequat ...

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发布人: anonymous  2015-03-05
1876. PCGS graded MS-63. Well struck with frosty lustrous surfaces throught. A touch of light golden toning adds to its appeal. Mintage of only 14,640 struck. Pop 58; 107 finer (PCGS # 5299) . Estimated Value $1,250 - 1,350. Categories: Twenty Cent Pieces

类别:放入购物车 (1205 X 600pixels, file size: ~182K)
发布人: anonymous  2015-03-05
1875-S. NGC graded MS-65. Well struck and quite lustrous. Nice splashes of gold toning here and there. A worldly dose of smooth cartwheel luster enlivens the broad expanse of surface on this attractive, short-lived Twenty-cent design. The fields are close to immaculate in their preservation; t ...

类别:放入购物车 (1205 X 600pixels, file size: ~164K)
发布人: anonymous  2015-03-05
1875-S. NGC graded MS-65. Froslty and white. An unusually bright and lustrous example of this San Francisco Mint twenty-cent piece, the breast feathers well defined and the details to the talons fully pronounced except on the right side. Some minor weakness occurs at the left wing, which is of ...

类别:放入购物车 售价: $3000.0
Info: http://www.goldbergcoins.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/4/lot/14728 ...
1923-S Liberty Standing Quarter Dollar. PCGS graded MS-64 PQ. Well struck with the head nearly full. Close examination suggests this is a full head. Lightly toned around the edges. A nice origin ...

类别:放入购物车 售价: $4800.0
Info: http://www.goldbergcoins.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/37/lot/7949 ...
1908-S. NGC graded MS-66 Red. Nice strike with relatively fresh color. Frosty Gem. Tied for finest at NGC. Satiny matte surfaces explode with intense luster and varying shades of coppery and gol ...

类别:放入购物车 售价: $8500.0
Info: http://www.goldbergcoins.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/37/lot/7999 ...
1876. PCGS graded Proof 65 Cameo. Blast white Gem Cameo Proof. Only 1,260 struck. The Twenty-cent piece, sometimes called a "double dime," had a brief appearance in the fourth quarter of the 19t ...
1/2 Dollar 美利堅合眾國 (1776 - ) 銀
1/2 Dollar 美利堅合眾國 (1776 - ) 銀
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1/2 Dollar 美利堅合眾國 (1776 - )
1/2 Dollar 美利堅合眾國 (1776 - )
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20 Cent 加拿大 銀 维多利亚 (英国君主)
20 Cent 加拿大 銀 维多利亚 (英国君主)
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