1 Tetradrachm 羅馬帝國 銀 Septimius Severus (145- 211)

209 - 211

Septimius Severus (145- 211)             
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Septimius Severus AR Tetradrachm, Antiochia Septimius Severus (193-211 AD). AR Tetradrachm (26 mm, 15.43 g), Laodicea ad Mare, Syria, 207-208 AD. Obv. AΥT KAI CEOΥHΡOC C, laureate and draped bust right. Rev. ΔHMAΡX EΞ ΥΠATOC Γ, Eagle standing facing with spread wings, his head turned to left ho ...

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Septimius Severus AR Tetradrachm, Laodikeia Septimius Severus (191-211 AD). AR Tetradrachm (27 mm, 13.41 g), Laodikeia, Syria. Obv. ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙ CЄOYHΡOC CЄ, laureate and draped bust right. Rev. ΔΗΜΑΡΧ ЄΞ ΥΠΑΤΟC ΤΟ Γ, Eagle standing right on ground line, head left, with wings displayed, holding wrea ...

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PHOENICIA, TYRE SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS AR TETRADRACHM Description: Date: C, 209-211 AD Rev: Eagle standing facing, head left, with wreath in beak and ...

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Septimius Severus. Silver Tetradrachm (17.46 g), AD 193-211. Laodicea ad Mare, Cos. III (AD 209-211). AVT KAI CEVEPOC CE, laureate and draped bust of Septimius Severus right. Reverse: ΔEMAPΧ EΞ YΠATOC TO Γ, eagle standing facing on ground line, head left, holding wreath in beak; between legs, ...

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SYRIA, Seleucis & Pieria, Laodiceia ad Mare, Septimius Severus, (A.D. 193-211), billon tetradrachm, (14.780 grams), issued 209-211, obv. laureate draped bust right of Septimius Severus, ...

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A 5-piece lot of Ancients. Consists of the following: Egypt Ptolemy III 246-221 BC AE 35, EF; Tarentum 4th cent. BC AR Diobol, Fine; Roman Republic T. Carisius 46 BC AR Denarius, Cr. 464/2, Fine ...

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THESSALY, Thessalian League, Provincial Imperial Coinage, Marcus Aurelius, (161 - 180 A.D.), AE 24, dupondius or diassarion and assarion, (10.84 and 6.77 grams), obv. Marcus ...

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ANCIENT COIN COPIES, copy of Athens tetradrachm (16.35 grams) (illustrated); another of very barbarous uncertain type of Roman Republic denarius or drachms of Spain and ...
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