1 Stater Boeotia 銀

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Ancient coins Greece. Boeotia, Thebes, Stater 387-374 BC Aw.: Tarcza Beocji.Rw.: Amfora.Ładny egzemplarz, kolorowa patyna. Waga/Weight: 12,18 g, Metal: Ag, Średnica/diameter: 21 mm, Stan zachowania/condition:2 (EF)

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Greece and posthellenic period - Boeotia - Thebes; stater ok. 368-364 p.n.e., magistrat Kabi; Aw: Tarcza beocka; Rw: Amfora, po bokach KA-BI; BCD Boiotia 539, SNG Cop. 339; srebro 22 mm, 12.23 g, nieregularny ksztalt krążka, ale bardzo ładnie zachowany - GRADE: II

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ANCIENT COINS, GREEK, Boiotia, Thebes (c.395-338 BC), Silver Stater, magistrate Agla-, struck c.363-338 BC, Boiotian shield, rev A Γ - Λ A , amphora, all within shallow incuse circle, 12.28g (BCD Boiotia 551; Hepworth 1; SNG Copenhagen 314). Small metal-flaw on the obverse, otherwise about extr ...

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Central Greece, Boeotia, Thebes (c.395-338 BC), AR Stater, 12.23g, Boeotian shield, rev. amphora, magistrate ka-i in field (BCD 55; Hepworth 63), cabinet tone, good very fine, reverse very fine

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BOEOTIA. Thebes. Stater (395-338 BC). Kabi-, magistrate. Obv: Boeotian shield. Rev: KA-BI. Amphora. BCD Boiotia 539. Condition: Very fine. Weight: 12.2 g. Diameter: 23 mm.

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ANCIENT COINS, GREEK Boiotia, Thebes (c.395-338 BC), Silver Stater, magistrate Kabi-, Boiotian shield, amphora, KA-BI in field, all within incuse concave circle, 12.20g (BMC 150; SNG Cop 339). Obverse a little off-centre, lightly toned, very fine. £150-200

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Remi 1/4 Stater. 1,33 g. GOLD. Fast sehr schön

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Unbestimmt Stater. 3,86. Subaerat. Etwas Belag, fast sehr schön

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Unbestimmt Stater (?). 5,31 g. Sehr schön
1 Stater / 1 Hemidrachm Boeotia 銀
1 Stater / 1 Hemidrachm Boeotia 銀
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1 Stater Boeotia 銀
1 Stater Boeotia 銀
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