1 Sixpence / 6 Penny 英格兰王国 銀 James II (1633-1701)

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James II (1633-1701)                   
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Great Britain. Sixpence, 1686. S.3412; ESC-1525. James II, 1685-1688. Laureate draped bust left. Reverse: Cross of crowned shields (early shields). (catalog value in Spink in EF 900£ approximately $1400). Boldly struck with old original toning and lots of original mint luster. A very nice coin ...

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Ireland. Sixpence, 1689 JAN. S.6583J. Gunmoney issue. James II. Laureate and draped bust left. Reverse: VI over crowned sceptres. Bold strike for this usual crude issue. NGC graded MS-64. Estimated Value $250 - 300. The Judy Cahn Collection. Categories: World Crowns and Minors

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Great Britain. Sixpence, 1688. S.3413; ESC-1528 (R2). James II. Mint state and sharply struck. This is the rarer year in a brief two year series and considerably rarer than the sixpences of Charles II, William III, Anne and the three Georges. Beautifully toned and deceptively tough to find in ...

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JAMES II, silver sixpence, 1688 (S.3413). Planchet crack at edge at 1 o'clock, otherwise very fine with weak area on reverse, rare.

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JAMES II, sixpence, 1688 (S.3413). Dark toned, extremely fine and rare in this condition.

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BRITISH COINS. Philip & Mary, Base Penny, initial mark halved rose and castle; Elizabeth I (1558-1603), Shilling, initial mark woolpack (1594-1596), Sixpences (2), 1570, initial mark crown, 1578, ...

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    5000 Reis 巴西 銀
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