1 Scudo Italian city-states 銀

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Urcaquary 1641, Doges of Venice, Francesco Erizzo. Large Silver Scudo (140 Soldi) Coin. Mint Year: 1641 References: Davenport 4249, KM-4249. Doge: Francesco Erizzo (98th Doge of Venice) Denomination: Scudo (Scudo della Croce) of 140 Soldi. Mintmaster: Ottaviano Zorzi (OZ, active ...

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Ausländische Münzen und Medaillen Italien-Venedig Francesco Erizzo 1631-1646. Scudo della Croce. Münzmeister DM. Stadtwappen, im Abschnitt Wert / Verziertes Kreuz, im Abschnitt Münzmeisterinitialen. Gamberini 793, Davenport 4249, CNI 8.144.15, Paolucci 96/9. Vorzüglich

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Italien-Venedig, Francesco Erizzo Scudo della Croce. Münzmeister OZ. Davenport 4249, Gamberini 793. Prägeschwäche, sehr schön

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Italien-VenedigScudo della croce o.J. Davenport 4249, Gamberini 793. Kratzer im Feld, sehr schön

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ITALIEN Spezialsammlung Venedig Francesco Erizzo, 1631-1646 Scudo della croce o. J. Mmz. AZ. 31.38 g. Montenegro 1521. Paolucci 96, 9. Dav. 4249. Dunkle Tönung. Gutes sehr schön.

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ITALIEN Venedig Francesco Erizzo, 1631-1646. Scudo della croce o. J. 31.56 g. Paolucci p. 96, 9. Dav. 4249. Gutes vorzüglich.

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1675,ITALY. Papal States. Piastre (Scudo of 80 Bolognini), 1675. Clement X (1670-76). NGC AU-58.KM-368; Dav-4078. Holy year. Sharply struck with light attractive golden toning.

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WORLD COINS, a diverse group including Straits Settlements dollar, 1909, twenty cents, 1898; Austria, Maria Theresa silver thalers, 1780 (2), silver scudo, 1853V Venice Mint ...

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ITALY-CISALPINE REPUBLIC. Scudo, Anno VIII (1800). Dav-199; Cr-2. Seated and standing figures representing France and Cisalpine. Reverse: Legend within wreath. Toned. ...
100 Franc Monaco 镍/銅 兰尼埃三世
100 Franc Monaco 镍/銅 兰尼埃三世
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