1 Ruble 俄罗斯帝国 (1721 - 1917) 銀 彼得大帝(1672-1725)

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Russia Russia. Ruble 1719, Petersburg Waga/Weight: 28,19 g, Metal: Ag, Średnica/diameter: 41,0 mm, Stan zachowania/condition: 2- Aw.: Popiersie cara w prawo, w zbroi i legenda otokowa.Rw.: Dwugłowy orzeł rosyjski pod carską koroną, nominał i data 1719 (cyrylicą).Literatura: Davenport 1653 Kadas ...

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Russian coins and medals from other properties Российские монеты и медали из других источников Peter I. 1682-1725 Rouble 1721, Kadashevsky Mint. 27.71g. Bitkin 439. Very rare. 25 roubles according to Petrov. Good very fine. Рубль 1721 г, Кадашевский МД. 27.71г. Биткин 439. Очень редкий. 25 рубл ...

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1721,RUSSIA. Ruble, 1721-K. Peter I (the Great) (1686-1725). NGC VF-25.KM-157.5; Bit-466; Dia-30. Cross between dots above head. Toned.

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1721,RUSSIA. Ruble, (1721)-K. Kadashevsky Mint. Peter I (the Great) (1689-1725). NGC EF-45.Dav-1655; KM-157.5; Bit-481; Dia-24. Large rosette above head. Toned.

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1721,RUSSIA. Ruble, (1721)-K. Kadashevsky Mint. Peter I (the Great) (1689-1725). NGC AU-58.KM-157.5; Bit-475; Dia-28. Large rosette between dots above head. Lightly toned with subdued luster. Very nice undisturbed surfaces, a few planchet flaws near rim on revers. An exceptional and attractive ...

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1720,RUSSIA. Ruble, ND (1720). Kadashevsky Mint. Peter I (the Great) (1689-1725). PCGS AU-55 Secure Holder.KM-157.5; Dav-1655; Bit-432; Dia-83. Type of 1721, no initials, palm branch on chest. Distinctive die breaks greatly aid in attributing this piece. Bright and attractive.PCGS#: 682084

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Russia. Peter I, 1682-1725. Novodel Ruble struck in Gold, 1705 (Moscow). Fr-76 (62); Sev-12; Bitkin-532; Diakov-page 87, part 1. 44.22 grams. Laureate, cuirassed youthful bust right. Reverse: Cr ...

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Ivan III, 1741 Poltina 1741 MMД. Bit 7 (R1), Diakov 2, Ilyin (40 Rubl.), Sev 1352 (R), Uzd 0765 (RR). Rare Moscow mint Poltina. Authenticated and graded by NGC VF 35. Good very fine

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Russia. Polupoltinnik (¼ Ruble), 1739. Bitkin 1st ed-79; KM-202. Anna. Scarce two year type. NGC graded Fine-15. Estimated Value $200 - 250. Categories: Balance of World Crowns and Minors
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