1 Grivennik 俄罗斯沙皇国 (1547 - 1721) 銀 彼得大帝(1672-1725)

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Peter I. 1682-1725 1701 Grivennik 1701, Kadashevsky Mint. 2,70 g. Novodel. Bitkin H738 (R2). Diakov 25. Very rare. 30 roubles according to Petrov. About extremely fine. Гривенник 1701, Кадашевский МД. 2,70 г. Новодел. Биткин H738 (R2). Дьяков 25. Очень редкий. 30 рублей по Петрову. Состояние пр ...

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RUSSIAN COINS. Peter ‘the Great’, 1689-1725. Grivennik (1701). Moscow, Kadashevsky mint. 2.81 gm. Bit 737 (R2), Diakov (2012) 24 (R2), Petrov 4 (30 Rubl.), Sev 26 (R), Uzd0436 (R). Holed and plugged in the past. Medium grey. About extremely fine US$ 2,000

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RUSSIAN COINS & MEDALS FROM OTHER PROPERTIES, PART II Lots & miscellaneous / Лоты и прочее Rouble 1819. 20 Kopecks 1768, 1822. Grivennik 1771. 5 Kopecks 1755, 1815. Kopeck 1711. Denga 1735, 1739? ...

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Russia. 10 Kopecks (Grivennik), 1735. Diakov-4; Sev-1199; KM-194. Anna, 1730-1740. Sharply struck, nice original tone with underlying luster. NGC graded AU-55. Estimated Value $1,000 - 1,200. Ca ...

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Russia, Alexander I, grivennik (10 kopecks), 1802, St. Petersburg, Alexander Ivannov, crowned double-headed eagle, rev. value and date (KM.C119; Sev.2510), in plastic holder, graded by NGC as Min ...
2021-02-18 - New coin is added to 1/2 Stiver 大不列颠及爱尔兰联合王国 (1801 - 1922) 銅 喬治三世 (1738-1820)

    1/2 Stiver 大不列颠及爱尔兰联合王国 (1801 - 1922) 銅 喬治三世 (1738-1820)
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† COINS, WEST INDIES, BRITISH GUIANA Essequibo and Demerara, George III (1760-1820), Gilt-Copper Proof ½-Stiver, 1813 (Pr 30b; KM 9). Uncirculated Proof, very minor hairlines but still choice and ...

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