1 Ducat 荷蘭共和國 (1581 - 1795) 金

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1633 - 1768

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CoinWorldTV 1649, Netherlands, Utrecht. Beautiful Early-Dated Gold Knight Ducat Coin. XF! Mint Year: 1651 State: United Provinces Denomination: Gold Knight Ducat Reference: Friedberg 284, KM-7. R! Condition: Struck with rusted obverse dies, small scratch in obverse between the knight´s ...

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NETHERLANDS; Netherlands. Utrecht, dukat 1708, odmiana bez wewnętrznej obwódki na awersie, Purmer Ut25, Delm. 965 (nie notuje tego rocznika w tym typie), złoto 3.44 g, ogromna rzadkość nienotowana w katalogu Delmontego, monety nowego typu (bez wewnętrznej obwódki) były wybijane w Utrechcie dopi ...

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1729,NETHERLANDS. Utrecht. Ducat, 1729. NGC Unc Details--Surface Hairlines.Fr-285; KM-7.4. Minor surface roughness from saltwater submersion. With certificate of origin.Pedigree: From the David Gray Collection. Purchased Private Treaty from Frank Sedwick September, 1995. Ex: Vlliegenthart.

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Netherlands - Utrecht. Ducat, 1724. Fr-284; KM-7. Standing knight. Reverse: Legend within tablet. Recovered from the "Akerendam" shipwreck. NGC graded MS-63. Estimated Value $700 - 800. Categories: World Gold Coins

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Netherlands - Utrecht. Ducat, 1754. Fr-285; KM-7. Knight standing. Reverse: Tablet with legend. Crease marks. Extremely Fine. Estimated Value $175 - 225. Categories: World Gold

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The first issue of this coin is thought to have been under Roger II of Sicily, who, in 1140, coined ducats bearing the figure of Christ, and the inscription, ‘Sit tibi, Christe, datus, quem tu regis iste ducatus’ (or roughly, “O Christ, let this ...

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CoinWorldTV 1619, Netherlands, West Friesland. Large Silver Rijks Daalder (Thaler) Coin. VF+ Mint Year: 1619 Mint Place: Dordrecht (rose) Denomination: Daalder (Rijks) Reference: Davenpor ...

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CoinWorldTV 1622, Netherlands, Gelderland. Large Silver Rijks Daalder (Rix Dollar) Coin. XF+ Mint Year: 1622 Mint Place: Nijmegen (privy mark: +) Denomination: Rijks Daalder (Rix Do ...

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CoinWorldTV 1649, Netherlands, Gelderland. Large Silver Rijks Daalder (Rix Dollar) Coin. VF+ Mint Year: 1649 Reference: Davenport 4828C, KM-16.4. Denomination: Rijks Daalder (Rix Dol ...
1 Ducat 荷蘭共和國 (1581 - 1795) 金
1 Ducat 荷蘭共和國 (1581 - 1795) 金
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1/4 Ducat Salzburg 金
1/4 Ducat Salzburg 金
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Hola, no se bien como funciona este sitio, pero necesito vender una moneda de oro de 10 dolares eeuu de 1866. Es la que tiene el aguila. Si hay algun interesado espero mendaje. Saludos
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    1 Ecu 中世纪的法国 金 查理九世 (法兰西)(1550 -1574)
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FRANKREICH Charles IX. 1560-1574. Ecu d'or au soleil 1566, Rouen. 3.34 g. Duplessy 1057. Fr. 37 ...