14 Florin 比利时 金


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Belgium. Lion d' Or of 14 Florins, 1790 (Brussels). Fr-402; Delm.-221; Witte-1155; KM-51. 8.32 grams. Insurrection of the United Belgians, 1790-1792. The Belgian Lion standing left, head turned right, holding sword and shield inscribed "LI BER TAS". Reverse: Rayed Sun encircircled by the coats ...

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Austrian Netherlands. Insurrection Coinage gold 14 Florins 1790, KM#51 (Austrian Netherlands), Fr-402 (Belgium), NBBR-8, AU58 PCGS, nicely toned and original with bold design features, rare and highly popular type.

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Nice Belgian coins from middle ages till now. Belgium was a part of different countries and empires and has exciting history. It was part of Roman Empire, Holly Roman Empire, French Kingdom, Netherlands, ... Today Belgium is the heart of Europea ...

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DEUTSCHLAND Bundesrepublik Deutschland Fehlprägungen 1 Euro-Cent o. J. (2002-). Mehrfache Zweifachprägung. 2.29 g. Sehr selten. FDC.

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FRANKREICH Königreich 5. Republik, 1959-. 10 Euro-Cent 1999. Erstprägung mit feinem Riffelrand. Offiziell in der Münzstätte entwertet. 4.08 g. Sehr selten. FDC.

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Frankreich-Bar, Grafschaft. Robert 1352-1412. Florin d'or o.J. Boudeau 1430, Friedberg 65. GOLD. Vorzüglich
5 Franc 比利时  利奥波德三世 (比利时)
5 Franc 比利时 利奥波德三世 (比利时)
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    1 Penny 新西兰 青铜 乔治六世 (1895-1952)
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GEORGE V, penny, 1941. Nearly full mint red, uncirculated.
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    9 Piastre British Cyprus (1914–1960) 銀 乔治六世 (1895-1952)
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CoinWorldTV 1938, Cyprus (British Administration), George VI. Silver 9 Piastres Coin. VF+ Mint Date: 1938 Reference: KM-25. Denomination: 9 Piastres Mint Place: Royal mint, London (UK ...