100 Lev 保加利亚 銀 鲍里斯三世

100 Lev

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类别:放入购物车 (1537 X 732pixels, file size: ~241K)
发布人: anonymous  2018-09-17
CoinWorldTV 1934, Kingdom of Bulgaria, Boris III. Large Silver 100 Leva Coin. VF+ Mint Year: 1934 Reference: KM-43. Denominations: 100 Leva Condition: Edge-hit at 9 o'clock in obverse and at 12 o'clock (reverse), otherwise VF+ Material: Silver (.500) Weight: 20.02gm Diameter: ...

类别:放入购物车 (1605 X 600pixels, file size: ~180K)
发布人: anonymous  2016-07-26
BULGARIA 1930 100 Leva Silver XF

类别:放入购物车 (1200 X 591pixels, file size: ~182K)
发布人: anonymous  2015-08-21
WORLD COINS. BULGARIA. Boris III (1918-1943). Silver 100-Leva, 1930BP. Head left. Rev. Denomination above date within wreath (KM 43). In PCGS holder graded MS64.Rare in such high grade. US$ 150

类别:放入购物车 (1125 X 420pixels, file size: ~108K)
发布人: anonymous  2015-07-21
BULGARIA 1930 100 Leva Silver AU-UNC

类别:放入购物车 (1445 X 724pixels, file size: ~195K)
发布人: anonymous  2015-05-02
1930,BULGARIA. 100 Leva, 1930-BP. PCGS MS-64 Secure Holder.KM-43.PCGS#: 415485

类别:放入购物车 (1125 X 420pixels, file size: ~106K)
发布人: anonymous  2015-04-14
BULGARIA 1930 100 Leva Silver XF-AU

类别:放入购物车 售价: $13.0
Info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/391577072408 2016-10-03
BULGARIA Lot of 2 1891 2 Lev Silver and 1894 2 Lev Silver

类别:放入购物车 售价: $9.0
Info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291265735995 2014-10-20
BULGARIA 1891 1 Lev Silver XF

类别:放入购物车 售价: $3.0
Info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291265736086 2014-10-20
BULGARIA 1894 1 Lev Silver VF
100 Lev 保加利亚 銀
100 Lev 保加利亚 銀
本组有   2 钱币
50 Stotinka 保加利亚 銀
50 Stotinka 保加利亚 銀
本组有   6 钱币 / 6 售价
1 Lev 保加利亚 銀
1 Lev 保加利亚 銀
本组有   3 钱币 / 3 售价
2021-09-22 - New coin is added to 1/2 Sovereign 大不列颠及爱尔兰联合王国 (1801 - 1922) 金 威廉四世 (英國)

    1/2 Sovereign 大不列颠及爱尔兰联合王国 (1801 - 1922) 金 威廉四世 (英國)
本组有    6 钱币 / 4 售价

G British Coins and Medals. William IV, half sovereign, 1835, bare head r., rev. crowned shield of arms (S.3831), small dig in front of king’s face, very fine £300-350

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