2 Dollar

KM-2103 Country Canada Year 2016 Value 2 Dollars Metal Bi-Metallic Brass plated Aluminium-bronze center in Nickel plated Steel ring Weight 6.92 g Diameter 28 mm Commemorative issue 75th Anniversary of The Battle of The Atlantic Obverse Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II facing right. Lettering: ELIZABETH II D.G. REGINA CANADA 2 DOLLARS Engraver: Susanna Blunt Susanna Blunt is a Canadian portrait artist who designed the most recent portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the current Canadian coinage, which began in 2003. She was born in Harbin, China, the daughter of an English banker. Blunt started her studies at the Banff School of Fine Arts as a young teenager. Reverse A sailor aboard a Canadian warship who presses his eye to the viewfinder of his anti-aircraft gun, scanning the skies for threats. two other Canadian vessels in the distance while a Bristol Beaufighter flies overhead. Lettering: YB REMEMBER 2016 SOUVENIR
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 Denomination: 2 Dollar
 Metal: Brass
 State: Canada
 Person: Elizabeth II (1926-)
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Description:   English
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