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1913, Kingdom of Denmark, Christian X. Beautiful Gold 10 Kroner Coin. 4.48gm!

Mint Year: 1913 Denomination: 10 Kroner Reference: Friedberg 300, KM-816. Mint Place: Copenhagen (privy mark: heart) Mint Master: Vilhelm Burchard Poulsen (VBP) Condition: Minor contact-marks, otherwise a nice AU-UNC! Material: Gold (.900) Diameter: 18mm Weight: 4.48gm

Obverse: Head of Christina X right. Legend:  CHRISTIAN X - KONGE AF DANMARK (privy mark: heart) 1913 VBP   Reverse: Crowned coat-of-arms above denomination (10 KRONER), flanked by date and mint master´s initials and privy mark. Legend: 1913 - 10 KRONER (privy mark: heart)  - VBP


Christian X (Christian Carl Frederik Albert Alexander Vilhelm) (26 September 1870 – 20 April 1947) was King of Denmark from 1912 to 1947 and last king of Iceland between 1918 and 1944. He was born at Charlottenlund Palace near Copenhagen.

He was the oldest son and child of King Frederick VIII of Denmark and his wife, Princess Louise, only surviving child of King Charles XV of Sweden. Among his siblings were King Haakon VII of Norway.

Christian married Princess Alexandrine, Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin in Cannes on 26 April 1898; she eventually became his Queen Consort. They had two children:

  • Prince Frederick (1899–1972), later King Frederick IX of Denmark
  • Prince Knud (1900–1976), later Knud, Hereditary Prince of Denmark

Being something of an authoritarian and a ruler who strongly stressed the importance of royal dignity and power in an age of growing democracy, Christian X did not seem fit for popularity. However, a reign spanning two world wars and the role he was believed to have played under Nazi rule made him one of the most popular Danish monarchs of modern times.

Christian X was the 1,100th Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece in Spain, the 849th Knight of the Order of the Garter in 1914 and the 265th Grand Cross of the Order of the Tower and Sword.

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 面额: 10 Krone
 国家: 丹麦
 人物: 克里斯蒂安十世 (1870 - 1947)
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