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 Denmark Silver Christian IX of Denmark (1818-1906)
2021-03-21  smartcoin
Denmark Silver Christian IX of Den ...
1 Krone Tristan da Cunha Copper/Nickel Elizabeth II (1926-)
2020-12-27  smartcoin
1 Krone Tristan da Cunha Copper/Nic ...
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The stater (Ancient Greek στατήρ, literally ‘weight’) was an ancient coin of macedonian origin which circulated from the eighth century BC to 50 AD. It was also heavily used by Celtic tribes. Original mintings of this coin such as practiced in Athens valued the stater at a t ...
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2021-09-27 - New coin is added to 8 Escudo Plurinational State of Bolivia (1825 - ) Gold

    8 Escudo Plurinational State of Bolivia (1825 - ) Gold
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G WORLD COINS, CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA, BOLIVIA Republic, Gold 8-Escudos, 1856 PTS-FJ, Potosi mint, laureate head of Bolivar right, rev mountains with llama at left, sheaf at right, F of assaye ...