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1914, France (3rd Republic). Large Silver "Chamber of Masonry" Medal. 85.42gm!

Mint Year: 1914 Mint Place: Paris Medallist: F. Chabaud & H. Dubois Condition: Minor edge-hits, otherwise a nice matted AU+ Denomination: Honorary Medal - Chamber of Masonry - Awarded to Mr. M. Guide during 1914. Material: Silver (marked "ARGENT 1" on edge) Weight: 85.42gm Diameter: 57mm

Obverse: Togate female figure seated on gear-wheel, holding hammer and circles. Scientific instruments in background. All within dotted border.  Designer´s signature (F. CHABAUD F.) to left. Reverse: Engraved inscription of the recipient ("M.GUIDE") within wreath. Designer´s signature (H.DUBOIS) below. Legend: CHAMBRE DE MACONNERIE

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The French Third Republic (French: La Troisieme Republique, sometimes written as La IIIe Republique)   was the republican government of

France from 1870, when the Second   French Empire collapsed, to 1940, when it was replaced by the Vichy   France government after defeat by Germany in World War II.

The early days of the Third Republic were dominated   by the Franco-Prussian War, which the Republic continued to wage after   the fall of the Emperor. Harsh reparations exacted by the Prussians   after the war resulted in the loss of Alsace-Lorraine, social upheaval,   and the establishment of the Paris Commune. Early governments of the   Third Republic considered re-establishing the monarchy, but confusion of   the nature of that monarchy, and who among the various deposed royal   families would be awarded the throne caused those talks to stall and   made the Third Republic, originally intended to be a transitional   government, become the permanent government of France.

The French Constitutional Laws of 1875 gave the Third   Republic its shape and form, consisting of a Chamber of Deputies and a   Senate forming the legislature, and a President serving as the head of   state. Issues over the re-establishment of the monarchy dominated the   Presidency of the first two Presidents, Adolphe Thiers and Patrice de   Mac-Mahon, though a series of republican presidents during the 1880s   ended any hope of a monarchy. The Third Republic established many French   colonial possessions as France acquired French Indochina, Madagascar,   French Polynesia, and large territories in West Africa during the   Scramble for Africa, all acquired during the last two decades of the   19th century. The early years of the 20th century were dominated by the   Democratic Republican Alliance, which was originally conceived as a   centre-left political alliance, but which came to become the main   centre-right party over time. The period from the start of World War I   to the late 1930s featured sharply polarized politics, between the   Democratic Republican Alliance and the more Radical socialists. The   government fell during the early years of World War II, as the Germans   occupied France and was replaced by the Vichy government of Philippe   Petain.

Maurice Larkin (2002) argued that political France of   the Third Republic was sharply polarized. On the left marched   democratic France, heir to the French Revolution and fully assured of   the power of reason and knowledge to create a better future for all   Frenchmen and all mankind. On the right stood conservative France,   rooted in the peasantry, the Church and the army, and skeptical about   "progress" unless guided by traditional elites.[1] Adolphe Thiers called   republicanism in the 1870s "the form of government that divides France   least". The Third Republic endured seventy years, making it the longest   lasting government in France since the collapse of the Ancien Regime in 1789.

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